David Ortega - Photographer and Visual Artist

My career in photography started when I stole my mother's 35mm point and shoot camera and shot my first roll of black and white film. As soon as I saw those over/under exposed images unfold in the developing bath I was in love. The images were terrible but I remember thinking to myself that I finally found myself - I am artist. The next few years I found myself inside of a darkroom most of the day and build a platform that would shape my entire life.

- Needless to say, she never got that camera back...

After spending a few years under the wing of a few special photographers in traditional black and white photography and printing, I set off to attend photography school in Chicago. I graduated from Harrington College of Design where I earned a degree in Digital Photography. My career began shortly after back in my native state of California where I work out of my studio in Benicia, CA.

Art is not a thing - It is a way.

- D